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Mrs. Halma

Welcome to SonLight Preschool

I am thrilled to be your child's teacher!  I graduated from the University of Sioux Falls with a degree in Elementary Education and a Reading Minor. I live in Inwood and am married to my husband, Jordan Halma. We had our baby boy, Owen William, on June 21. Let's have a wonderful year!

Preschool Sessions
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
Morning: 8:00-11:20
Afternoon:  12:10-3:30

Brookstin Halma

Brookstin's Cell: (712) 441-3115
School Phone:  (712) 753-4541
School Fax:  (712) 753-2434

Preschool Happenings


Library - library books are DUE every Wednesday

Show and Tell is every Friday - Your child is welcome to bring an item from home that begins with that weeks letter. The more creative the better! This is a great way for students to associate an item with a letter for recall throughout the year.

Engagement - Please talk to your child about school. Ask them questions such as: What was your favorite song you sang today? What did you have for snack? What is the letter of the week and what sound does it make? What did you learn in Bible today?

Reading - Please read with your child every day! Reading is so important at this age! Book orders are due October 19.

Weather - If Inwood Christian school has a Late Start, then there will be NO morning preschool. The morning students are welcome to come in the afternoon instead! If Inwood Christian School has an Early Out, then the afternoon students are welcome to join the morning preschool! 

Tuition is due on the 10th of every month.  

 Breakfast is from 7:50am to 8:15am. Please help your child walk through the breakfast line and get them settled in on the stage before leaving them. If there is an older sibling to help your preschooler with breakfast, that works too! 


This Week:

Letter G g, Number 2, Color Yellow,Cresent Shape



Vocabulary Words:



  The 10 Commandments


Tuesday - Olive, Marilyn

Wednesday - Chyles (14 students)

Coming up: 

November 21 - Combined morning session

November 23 - No School - Thanksgiving Break

November 29 - Samuel's Birthday

November 30 - Christmas Mission Project Money Due

*Inwood Christian School is collecting donations for a Christmas mission project for the Family Visitation Center in Sioux Falls, SD. A note explaining this was attached to the November 16 newsletter. We are suggesting a minimum donation of $5.00 per student (or whatever you wish to give). Please have your donation sent to school with your child no later then Friday, November 30. 

December 4 - Christmas Program, 7:00pm - We will be singing the first 2 songs. Hearts & Hands is hosting a social following the music program if you wish to stay and socialize. 

December 7 - Combined morning session

December 19 - FV Chapel Caroling (time TBD)

December 21 - Combined morning session. Preschool Christmas Party - Anyone is welcome to help out. Brittany Halma will be planning the party.  Christmas Carol Sing @ 10:45am (coffee available at 10:30am). Families are welcome to come sing along - Students are dismissed afterwards

January 18 - Inwood Christian School Supper & Auction

Parent Tip:

If your child has trouble following instructions, repeat your request, starting with his/her name. Instead of saying, "Pick up your books, Josey," try: "Josey, pick up your books." She is more likely to respond if she hears her name. And if you stand close to her, it will be harder to ignore your request.

Source: Stephanie Dolgoff, "Oh Behave!" Parenting, April 2009


Shapes for Kids (JH)
Shapes (PM)
Shape Song-Harder (HFT)
Introducing Shapes-Harder (SHS)

Circle Song (HFT)
Square Song (HFT)
Triangle Song (HFT)
Rectangle Song (HFT)
Octagon Song (HFT)
Trapezoid Song (HFT)
Paralellogram Song (HFT)
Hexagon Song (HFT)

Lego Alphabet Song (FT)

Lowercase ABCs

ABC's and sounds (PM)
ABC's (H)
Alphabet Song (HFT)
What do the letters say? (HFT)
Vowel Bat (SS)

Sesame St. ABC's (SS)
Who Let the Letter's Out? (DJ)
Learnin' My Letters (HK)
Teach Me How to Read (Rap) (HK)
Hip Hop to the Alphabet (HK)
Capital Letter Workout (JH)

The Sight Word Song (HK)
1st 24 HFW 

Colors, Colors (HK)
Color Robot
Rainbow Colors (H)
Colors Song (LS)


How Many Days Are in a Week? (HK)
Days of the Week clap! clap! (HK)
Days of the Week Song (LS)
Months of the Year Song (LS)
Months of the Year (KTV)
The Months Chant (SSS)
Months of the Year Chant (ELF)
Days of the Week Song (HFT)


Left and Right Robot
If I Were An Animal
Walking Song (HFT)
Running Song (HFT)
Parts of my Body (HFT)
Head, Shoulders, Knees, Toes (VG)
Hokey Pokey (H)
Boom Chicka Boom (LS)

Shake Break (PM)
Move your Legs and Arms (PM)
Shake your Sillies Out (LS)
If You're a Kid
Tooty Ta
Ants in Your Pants
Dancing Robots
Stomp and Clap
Go Bananas
Wishy Washy Washer Woman
The Gummy Bear Song

We Want to See Jesus Lifted Hight
Every Move I Make (dance) 
Jump Around
Arky, Arky (LMK)
Father Abraham (CM)
Fruit of the Spirit (BK)
I'm in the Lord's Army (CC)
The Lord's Prayer
The B-I-B-L-E (GFK)
How Great is Our God (CMD)

King of the Jungle (GWS)
Bible Book Bop (HFT)


Storyline Online (stories read to children by famous people)


*= easy, **= medium, ***= hard
as previewed by Mrs. McKenny (most are free but can subscribe)
1.  *Pumpkin Decorating 
2.  *Turkey Decorating
3.  *Snowman Decorating
4.  *Exploring ABCs
5.  *5 Little Bears Song
6.  **Matching 2D/3D Shapes
7.  **Short A Machine
8.  **Sight Word Sentence Puzzle 1
9.  **Sight Word Sentence Puzzle 2
10.  ***Pattern Maze
1.  *Kangaroo Confusion (upper/lowercase match)
2.  ***Alphabet Bears (ABC order)
3.  ***Sassy Seals (beg. sound match)
4.  ***Tina's World: (real/make believe)
5.  ***Buggy Trails (following directions)
1.  *Letter Matching
2.  *ABC/123 Magnets
3.  **Alphabet Slider Puzzle
4.  **Alphabet Bingo
5.  **Alphabet Match
6.  ***Sight Word Bingo
7.  ***ABC Order Dot to Dot
1.  *Numbers
2.  *Shapes
3.  *Colors
4.  *Color Game
5.  **Animal Alphabet Match (A-E)
6.  **Animal Alphabet Match (F-J)

7.  **Animal Alphabet Match (K-O)
8.  **Animal Alphabet Match (P-T)
9.  **Animal Alphabet Match (U-Z)
10.  **
Animal Games (infant to preschool) (free 30 day trial then subscribe)

iPad Apps
1.  Super Why! ($3.99)
2.  Dora ABCs ($4.99)
3.  Dora Rhyme ($2.99)
4.  Sound Sorting Beginning Sounds ($0.99)
5.  JumpStart Preschool Magic of Learning ($1.99)
6.  Teach Me Kindergarten ($1.99)

1.  Monkey Math ($1.99)
2.  Monkey Preschool Lunchbox ($1.99)
3.  UmiNumbers ($6.99)

4.  Dot to Dot ($1.99)
5.  Shapes (Free)
7.  Wheels on the Bus ($1.99)
JumpStart Preschool Magic of Learning ($1.99)
9.  Shape Builder (0.99)

1.  123 Kids Fun Music (Free)

2.  Preschool Arcade ($0.99)
3.  Animatch {Memory} (0.99)
4.  Kid's Park (Free)