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Paulette DeWeerd

Welcome to the Music Page!

My oh my, how time does fly! We're already a couple of weeks into school! So far this year we have been busy reviewing what we know so we can build on that when we start playing more.

KIndergarten is working on keeping a steady beat and learning how to echo sing. This helps us know high/low and up and down as well as fast and slow. We especially like to go "Bouncing Up and Down in Our Little Red Wagon"!

Grades 1 & 2 have been reviewing lines and spaces, the musical alphabet, dynamics and lots more. They love to play instruments and would do that all the time if we could!

In 3rd and 4th grade we have been remembering the note names and how to count the beats of music notation. Soon we will be starting the recorders! They are looking forward to that!

5th-8th grade is reviewing counting beats and note names of treble and bass. We will soon be starting ukuleles! I am revamping how I did it last year, so HOPEFULLY it will go a little easier this year!

All classes have started to go through music that we will do for the Veterans Day program! It will be on THURSDAY morning, NOV 11. Make sure you mark your calendars now, you won't want to miss it. Let your friends and family know too! Especially if you have any Veterans in your life, we would LOVE to have them there.

Dr DeWeerd

Eph 5:19  " sing and make music to the Lord in your hearts"