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High Frequency Words

  • Kindergarten Popcorn Words

    Popcorn Words are high frequency words that the kindergartners should recognize by sight. They "pop" up in many of the sentences that we read, so we call them popcorn words! This is a list of the words we will learn this year:

    Start Smart:  I, can, red, yellow, blue, green

    Unit 1:  the, we, see, orange, purple, brown, black

    Unit 2:  a, like

    Unit 3:  to, and, go, one, two

    Unit 4:  you, do, three, four, five

    Unit 5:  my, are, with, he

    Unit 6:  is, little, she, was

    Unit 7:  for, have, of, they, said, want

    Unit 8:  here, me, this, what

    Unit 9:  help, too, has, play, where, look

    Unit 10:  good, who, come, does