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About ICS

Inwood Christian School is a non-public parent-controlled school that offers quality Christian education for children whose parents believe that God is the Lord of the universe and of our lives. Inwood Christian offers education from a Christian perspective by Christian teachers to students in grades Kindergarten through eighth grade.

Christian Education presents a God-centered pattern for life. It is a wholehearted commitment to the proposition that all things are of God, through God, and unto God. From this basic declaration arises the existence of Christian Education at Inwood Christian School. It colors and controls all the various factors that make up the educational process for preparing and educating the whole child. With this in mind, we present nine statements which define the philosophy of education at ICS.

1. The Word of God is the standard for directing our lives.
2. Our task is to prepare stewards for God over His creation.
3. We are sinful and need to be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ.
4. By faith in Jesus Christ we are restored to our place as rulers for God over creation and witnesses of the gospel for all of life.
5. In renewed relationship as God's children endowed with talents and gifts, we must develop these gifts and talents fully and responsibly.
6. Through a Christ-centered education, we learn how to live a Christian way of life.
7. The truth about God's creation of the universe is fully known to us in the light of God's word.
8. The truth about God's creation enables us to develop culture in a distinctive Christian life.
9. Christian education cultivates in our hearts an obedient response to God by Kingdom service in all of life.